2014 Bike Preview: Rocky Mountain Altitude Rally

Following the incredible success of the new Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL in its first year on the market, Rocky Mountain has decided to tweak the bike slightly to add a new version, the Rally.  Inspired by the increasing popularity of Enduro racing, the Altitude Rally features a longer travel front fork, DH width handlebars, a 1×10 drivetrain, and burlier wheels.

The bike is available in two very different specs and price points.  The Altitude 770 MSL Rally is a carbon/aluminum beauty equipped with top of the line Fox suspension, high end Race Face and SRAM bits, and wheels with ever popular Stans ZTR Flow EX tubless rims.  You’d be hard pressed to find something on the bike worth replacing, unless your looking for the absolute best of the best in your drive train.  Those of us at Skiershop and Bike Stowe would likely take it out of the box and ride it as is.

Rocky Mountain Altitude 770 MSL Rally Edition comes very well equipped at $5,599.00

If you’re looking to be nicer to your wallet and bank account Rocky Mountain is offering the bike in a full aluminum version that still boasts very respectable specs, the Altitude 750 Rally Edition.  Dropping the carbon fiber, kashima coated suspension, and a slight downgrade in components, also drops over $2000 off the price, a reasonable $3,299.99.  The bike, just like it’s fancy carbon brother, comes ready to ride straight out of the box.  At this price point you’d be a bit foolish to drop another $1000 on a wheel upgrade.  The point I’m trying to make is this bike is so well spec’d at the price, if you want more, just get the 770 MSL.

The Rocky Mountain Altitude 750 Rally Edition is a head turning, high performing bike with a price tag just barely over $3000.

The Altitude Rally Edition is not all that’s new from Rocky Mountain.  Rocky Mountain aficionados may remember the Thunderbolt, and now it’s back in a completely new design.  It’s geared towards playful XC riding with 120mm of travel, 27.5 wheels, and classic Rocky Mountain geometry.

“The Thunderbolt is my kind of XC bike.  It’s got a natural feel and tackles the climbs exceptionally well.  On the descents it provides the kind of small bump sensitivity usually reserved for longer travel bikes.”  -Thomas Vanderham

We can’t wait to see what Thomas is so psyched about for ourselves.  And with prices ranging from just over $2000 to $3,999, it’s a very attainable bike.  We’ll provide a more extensive review on both the Altitude Rally Edition and the Thunderbolt once we have a chance to put them in the dirt!

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2014 Bike Preview: Scott Genuis LT

Scott Sports has almost completely revamped their lineup of bikes for 2014.  Most significant is the addition of optional 650b (27.5) wheels to almost all of their existing models.  Scott is offering the Spark, Scale, Genius, and Genius LT in both 27.5 and 29 versions.  26 inch wheels are only found on Scott’s downhill and dirt jump frames, the Gambler and Voltage.

Scott is obviously positioning themselves as a “big wheel” bike company, but that doesn’t mean it’s all XC style 29ers.  Take the new Genius LT for example:  Scott’s new enduro bike blends 27.5″ wheels with a carbon frame featuring 170mm of travel.  Following the success of 650b wheels across the board this summer, Scott has taken the wheel size and applied it in a way not many other companies have been able to accomplish.  We’re starting to see long travel carbon 650b bikes more often, but none have drawn our attention like this one.

2014 Scott Genius LT

Scott has released a video of Brendan Fairclough and Nino Schurter putting the bike to the test.  Although we might not all be pro riders, we can all enjoy this awesome combination.  Easily one of the most versatile bikes available.  For those who were a fan of the old Genius LT, this frame is now 400 grams lighter than the old frame.  That’s right – bigger wheels, lighter bike.  Go figure, I let the bike companies figure that one out…

Early ride reports have shown rave reviews of the new bike.  As soon as we can get our hands on one we’ll give you a full low down on how it rides.  In the meantime, check out the video, read up on this awesome bike, and wait patiently until you can get your hands on one!

What Scott says about the new Genius LT:

“The Genius LT 700 is SCOTT’s new Enduro Bike, designed for rough all mountain terrain and tuned for racing. Equipped with the new 27.5” wheel standard, these bikes have the benefit of better rollover and better traction compared to the old 26” version. TwinLoc allows for efficient pedaling, and thanks to its 170mm of travel, the LT offers the perfect mix of both 27.5 wheel size geometry and suspension to handle all kinds of technical descents.”

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Demo Bikes For Sale!

Hey Bikers!

As of the beginning of August all of our demo and rental mountain and road bikes are now ON SALE!  The past two weekends we offered free tests rides of our entire fleet as well as heavily discounted prices.  The weekend’s over, but lucky for you the prices are here to stay!  You still have time to stop by the shop and find your next bike.  Our demo bikes are professionally maintained and ride just as well as a brand new bike.  You’ll save money while resting assured your bike has been set up, maintained, and cared for by professional mechanics.

Here’s a list of some of our remaining demo bikes with their corresponding sale prices.  Don’t see the bike you’d like?  Give us a call!  This isn’t our entire inventory, and who knows, we may have your dream ride tucked away somewhere!


Scott Contessa Spark 900 – Retail: $2630  Sale: $2099

Scott Contessa Scale 910 – Retail: $1320  Sale: $1049

Scott Spark 960 – Retail: $1899  Sale: $1399

Rocky Mountain Edge – Retail: $599  Sale: $450

Rocky Mountain Flare 29 – Retail: $699  Sale: $550

Rocky Mountain Slayer 50 – Retail: $3750  Sale: $2999

Rocky Mountain Element 970 BC – Retail: $4999  Sale: $3999

Rocky Mountain Altitude 750 MSL – Retail: $4499  Sale: $3599

Rocky Mountain Instinct 970 – Retail: $4399  Sale: $3499

Giant Reign 2 – Retail: $2250  Sale: $1849


Stop on by the shop to see what we have left in stock for sizes!  We also have great prices on all our remaining NEW bikes, as well as new and rental road bikes and rec path cruisers!  Now is the perfect time to pick up your new ride.

As usual, this Friday we’ll be heading out for our weekly group MTB ride.  If you’d like to test out one of our demo bikes before buying, this is the best opportunity to do so.  We’ll make sure it’s set up well for your first trial ride, and we more often than not have a mechanic on the trail with us for on the fly adjustments, advice, etc.  We hope to see you on Friday!


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Bike of the Week- Brook’s Intense Carbine custom build


Brook’s carbine is built to be light and strong to compliment her aggressive yet smooth riding style. Some of the standout features are a full carbon fiber frame with our favorite full suspension upgrade, a cane creek DBair shock. A 1×10 SRAM X9 drivetrain featuring our new favorite shop upgrade, a raceface wide-narrow chainring, a Fox 34 fork and those beautiful Industry 9 purple wheels.SONY DSC


Why it’s cool- A 26 pound bike with 160mm of travel is always going to be pretty cool, this one is extra cool because of how incredibly capable the Carbine chassis is, the i9 wheels add to the performance level with their quick engagement, the 1×10 drivetrain is upgraded with our new ‘shop favorite upgrade’, a Raceface wide-narrow chainring which pretty much renders chainguides obsolete for trail bikes.SONY DSC


Brook’s bike is pretty cool because this is one amazing bike that has enough personal touches that make it 100% unique, just because every part on it serves a singular purpose of making this a no compromise trailbike, doesn’t mean it can’t be one amazing looking bike at the same time.

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Bike of the Week- Intense Tracer29


Considering the weather we’ve experienced all month, this weeks ‘bike’ should probably be a photo of a canoe, but I’m gonna keep it real and talk about one of our favorite custom builds. An Intense Tracer29 with some pretty rad bits hung from it’s hand-built in the USofA frame. The Tracer29 has two travel options for the rear shock, 5″ or 5.5″, the rear dropouts are easily swapped-out to go from 135×10 to a 142×12 through axle which this bike has. It is also running a Marzocchi Roco air shock, something we feels complements the VPP suspension design extremely well and matches the performance and plush feel of the ‘zocchi fork.


This Tracer is sporting SRAM’s XX1 drivetrain, which is pretty darn cool. You get to ditch the front derailleur and shifter and still have a gear range that is equivalent to a 2×10 set-up. SRAM was able to pull this off by going to an outrageous 10×42 11 speed rear cassette.


The 10 tooth cog on the cassette requires a special hub, which is quickly becoming available for almost all hubs, but it is yet another new ‘standards’. This bike rolls on a set of 29″ Enduro wheels from Industry Nine, a shop favorite. The i9 wheels are shod with a set of 2.4 Maxxis Ardent tires set-up tubeless.  There is a, now almost mandatory for any all-mountain bike, dropper post. In this case a Rockshox Reverb. One of the great thing about ditching the front shifter is it provides more room on the handlebar to place the remote for the seatpost. Notice the amazingly cool machine work on the Hope brake lever, they really know their way around a CNC machine. Easy to use, tool free adjustments for reach adjust and bite point.


Why it’s cool: The Intense Tracer29 was the original longer travel 29′ bike when it was introduced in 2009 and it’s taken a few years for everyone to catch up and wrap their heads around just how capable a 5.5″ travel 29er can be. This bike is insanely fast in rough terrain. How fast exactly? That’s been tested: http://dirt.mpora.com/news/dirt-magazine-26v29-bonus-feature.html heck, they named it their ‘Trail Bike of the Year’. This is the first bike I’ve ridden that I honestly feel pedals like a trail bike and feels like my DH bike on downhill sections of trail. It’s just amazing. 


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Bike of the Week- Scott CR1 Comp

Scott CR1 Comp

Scott CR1 Comp

It might be too wet to get out and ride a mountain bike on trails, but there is plenty of time between the storms to log some serious mileage on a road bike. The Scott CR1 Comp is our Bike of the Week, why? Because for under $2000 it features a full carbon frame and fork which give our Northern Vermont roads a silky smooth feel.SONY DSC Scott has engineered the shape of the chainstays and seatstays to allow for some vertical movement when riding broken pavement, a serious benefit here. The frame is still plenty stiff at the bottom bracket, so it leaps forward when power is applied to the pedals.  SONY DSC The toptube and downtube meet at a seriously stiff headtube. the CR1 goes exactly where you steer it. This is the beauty of carbon frame construction, the designers can tailor the design to be stiff where it needs to be yet compliant where it can be. SONY DSC Don’t be afraid of the skinny tires, lack of rolling resistance is what it’s all about.

Why it’s Cool: The CR1 is cool because it’s full carbon frame and Shimano 105 components will ride every bit as well as any $5000 super-bike without breaking the $2000 mark. Every summer, it seams, we have a month of extremely wet weather. When you have a roadbike, you don’t have to stop riding while you wait for a break in the weather. Think about all your riding buddies sitting at home on the couch as you are out adding horsepower to your pedal stroke… when the trails dry out you’ll be faster and they’ll be slower. That is kinda fun.


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Wet Weather Got You Down?

We know how you feel…  Record breaking rainfall amounts over May and June have left our local trails saturated and kept us off our mountain bikes for the better part of 3 weeks.  It’s easy to grab the bike and head out on the trails as soon as the sun comes out, but realistically we need a few days in a row of sun before most of our trail network is rideable.

What to do in the meantime?  Luckily, Trapp Family Lodge has done an excellent job keeping their trails open throughout this rainy stretch.  If you’ve never experienced mountain biking at Trapp Family Lodge, now is the time to head up the hill and check out their excellent trail network.  Their trails feature an amazing mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails and is arguably the best place in Stowe for beginners to try mountain biking.  For more info, check out their FAQ page

There are also numerous fire road/dirt road options if you need to get out and spin your pedals.  One of our favorite spots when it’s wet (aside from Trapp Family Lodge) is the Cottonbrook trails.  Mostly double track mixed with some old single track make Cottonbrook a great place to get in miles, even in the rain.

Of course, rainy stretches are a great time to clean your bike, take care of any worn out parts, or upgrade to that high/low compression adjustment fork you’ve been eying.  Our incredible bike mechanics are here and ready to make sure you’re getting the most out of your current ride.  Whether it’s advice on suspension tunes, a complete drive train overhaul, or anything in between – we’re here to help.

We came across some GoPro footage from last season the other day, so we chopped it up and threw together a short video from our local trails.  You’ll recognize the fun, flowy sections of Cady Hill Forest single track if you’re lucky enough to have ridden here.  Just look out for that tree at the end of the ride!


Make sure to get out there and do those sun dances!!

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